Onward to April!

As we approach our final events of March we move into a busy April. The first week chock full of events. April 3, 2014 10:00AM – 10:00PM SLT features our first team sponsored Sink the DJ. 12 hours:6 DJS: and Your requests at The Status Bar Live on the San Diego Sims. Then on April 5, 2014 we have our Talents, Skills, and Thrills Auction. This is not your normal “date” auction. Up for bid are some of SL’s finest performers, artisans (there really is no other word for it), DJs, photographers and then of course there are the young and the beautiful waiting to explore the wide world of Second Life with you on your 2 hour tour *wink*. All auction info boards will be posted in the Balboa Theater on the San Diego SIM in world, stop on in and grab an info folder. Check out our Facebook album for this event and see who is putting themselves under the gavel! 10 am slt until their gone, Gone, GONE! Shhhh! Hush baby! Don’t tell, it’s a secret! On April 6, 2014, by invitation only, an event like no other will be held, contact Mary Teodosio or Lance Good, in world for more information! This is one you don’t want to miss! April 26, 2014, 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM we present our Tiny Empires Monarch’s Jail and Bail with a twist. Has that monarch been a bad boy or girl? Have they been out to sabo your kingdom? Did they “poach”? Naughty, naughty monarchs! 50L let’s you give them the paddling they deserve (maybe even like!). We won’t let them out until their bail is paid! Add in a little Tiny Empires inspired auction with gold bars and acres, calculators and some other really neat stuff and no one goes away without a smile on their face! Kissing booth, and Dunk tank on hand to make those paddle stings all better! Don’t forget to get your photo taken in the stocks! We’ll pretty it up if you want. 25L to RFL and a 10L upload fee.
As always, our never ending garage sale continues as does our “Knock Cancer Off the Lists” Jousting Pre-luminaries and “Cancer Makes Me Piste!!” En Garde fencing tournaments.


One thought on “Onward to April!

  1. April has got off to a successful start with Sink the DJ, our T/S/T Auction and our private event held at Elysion Adult Club. We round out the month with more jousting, fencing and our final event on April 26, 2014, the Tiny Empires’ Monarch’s Jail and Bail and Fair. With an estimated 10 monarchs putting themselves in the pillory we’re sure to have a great turn out. The attendant auction will feature many TE and Monarchial items, kissing booth, dunking booth and a dj to spin some tunes! It’s gonna be one party to remember, raising funds and putting the FUN back into fundraising! Photos of auction items will be attached in alternate post!


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