monarch jail and bail jpeg
Carefully watched, these monarchs are being hunted down and their bails have been set! Judgement has been passed and they will all be sent to the pillory until their bail has been raised! The offenders: Kings Dak Harbinger of Tus Nua, and Elijah Plutonian of Niagra, Queens Niet Tackleberry of Dragonhenge, Tessa Sugarplum of Aristology, Diaphoni Galicia of Daonie Shide, Vulpine Eldritch of Caledon (one of the oldest kingdoms in the realm), and Mary Teodosio of Tuatha de Sidh. Bails are high and they won’t be released until paid. Gather your linden folks and set them free! Guests at this spectacle can bid on Tiny Empires auction items plus raffle items. To add to the fun fair aspect there will be kissing booths and dunk tanks! And don’t forget, 50L a pop and you get to paddle select monarchs, all in the name of hilarity. Oh those whacky medieval minds! All proceeds benefitting Relay For Life of Second Life!


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