There’s this thing UAC does, Sink the DJ. You could say it’s our “signature event”. We decided that it would be a perfect avenue for smaller teams to ease into fund raising, to bronze the unbronzed. 2 hours sets of sink can often bring in 5000-7000L with the right dj and advertising. So we painstakingly contacted each and everyone of the team captains who had not started fundraising and offered them this opportunity. Some jumped at it right away and came on board. Then we opened it to the entire group hoping we’d have a week long club crawl, peppering the grid with sink after sink and success after success. Ambitious? Probably, but no one ever got anywhere without trying something at least once. 9 teams, 24 hours of sink spread over two days. UAC is proud and happy to give away “our” event and hope that it brings with it the success that we’ve seen. Our one stipulation for the teams joining in was that they find a venue, dj and club and ADVERTISE. We’d advertise in the channels we had access to, give them all the “tools” they needed to run it and be there at their sessions. We Relay as teams until July for a reason, to spur a competitive spirit. However, this Friday and Saturday, these teams Relay together, one relay, one event, one cause because in the end the only thing that matters is that we tried and we supported each other. We hope that you will support us too. Participating teams include: Foundation For Life, Strange Journeys, Team Shadow, Electric Colors, Tiki Photography, Metal Health, Love~Life~Relay, Tribute City Relayers, Unmasking A Cure. multi-teamsink


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