Muddy’s Music Cafe ~ They know how to Relay!

Muddys_009Muddys_031Coming up on a week since Muddy’s Music Cafe kicked off Unmasking A Cure’s Relay 2015 I’ve had time to reflect on several things.  First and foremost is the incredible sense of friendship, respect, and solidarity the staff shows to everyone who walks in their doors.  Secondly, owner Bridget Hammill and her staff’s 100% unwavering support of Relay For Life. I am humbled and honored that they choose Unmasking A Cure to be the face of their Relay efforts.  Last of all the loyalty of their VIPS.

I believe all of these things led to a weekend of successful fund raising that even I had not forseen.  With a whopping grand total of 3000 US dollars raised (714,200L) in just 60 hours.  I was certain that donor fatigue would set in during the last few sets. However, they rallied to the goal set by their leader, Bridget Hammill.  Things got a crazy fun with an impromptu male “review” I say this loosely as Muddy’s is a staunchly PG environment.  Seeing 13 guys up on stage in dresses and heels, without having to be badgered was truly a wonderful thing to see.  These gentlemen knew their true worth and the worthiness of the cause and goal and did what they had to do to ensure it was met.

I am proud to be a Muddy’s VIP and count the owner and exceptional staff as partners in the fight against cancer.


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